About Valley Medical Care

Valley Medical Care is a family medicine clinic. As a group practice consisting of board certified Family Medicine Physicians, Family Nurse Practitioners, and a Certified Nurse Midwife, we care for persons of all ages, sexes, and health conditions.

In addition to disease management, we also provide health promotion through 
periodic health checkups and well-care for adults and children, support for weight loss or smoking cessation, and consults for travel to foreign countries. 

Our physicians and nurse midwife provide comprehensive pregnancy care, including labor and delivery services at Bartlett Beginnings, Bartlett Regional Hospital.

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Latest News

  • Saturday Clinic Hours

    We now have 2 nurse practitioners for our Saturday office hours primarily for acute illness visits such as ear infections, sore throats, urinary tract infections. The hours will be from 8:30 AM-12 Noon. We will not have nurses available for prescription refills or to take calls for medical advice. Please call 586-2434 to schedule an appointment.