About Valley Medical Care

Valley Medical Care is a family medicine clinic. As a group practice consisting of board certified Family Medicine Physicians, Family Nurse Practitioners, and a Certified Nurse Midwife, we care for persons of all ages, sexes, and health conditions.

In addition to disease management, we also provide health promotion through 
periodic health checkups and well-care for adults and children, support for weight loss or smoking cessation, and consults for travel to foreign countries. 

Our physicians and nurse midwife provide comprehensive pregnancy care, including labor and delivery services at Bartlett Beginnings, Bartlett Regional Hospital.

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Latest News

  • Valley Medical Care is a Proud Sponsor of 'Girls On The Run'!

    Girls on the run is an international after school running program for girls grades 3-5 that educates and prepares preteen girls for a lifetime of self respect and healthy living.
  • Notice to Aetna Subscribers

    Valley Medical Care has always filed insurance claims as a courtesy to our patients and will continue to do so. Many plans including the State of Alaska plans changed to Aetna this last year.  Unfortunately working with Aetna has proven to be difficult and time consuming for our staff.    Due to Aetna claims not being processed in a timely manner and the inordinate amount of time we spend trying to resolve non medically related issues with Aetna, claims that are 90 days old will be transferred to your responsibility and payment will be expected from you.   

     The best way to avoid delays in your insurance payments is to be proactive.  Below are some of the areas that have caused the most concerns and delays.
         -- Aetna sets their own usual and customary (UC) fee schedule and it may vary depending on your particular plan(s). They also have their own list of services they deem medically necessary for your care. Services that don’t fall under that list will not be covered. If you have questions about charges for services, please call our billing department before your appointment and we can give you the pertinent information you will need to contact your insurance.
         --Aetna coverage for preventive service differs from the previous state plan.   If you are coming in for your annual/physical which may include vaccines, contact them prior to your visit.
         --Many Aetna members are having difficulty sorting out which coverage is their primary insurance causing lengthy delays or nonpayment.  Contact Aetna as soon as you see a problem, as well as with the VMC billing department.  Keeping us aware of any change in status enables us to reprocess claims when necessary and reduces long processing time.
         --You should be receiving an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) for each visit from your insurance company. You should save them and if you don’t receive one within 30 day of a visit, please contact Aetna. Often times they are holding claims waiting for information from the member.
         --If you are a union member and unable to resolve an issue with Aetna contact your union. They should  be able to help resolve your problems. 

    Always keep our billing department informed so we can do our best to get your claims processed as quickly as possible. 

    Aetna 855-784-8646                  Valley Medical Billing 907-586-2482


    All lab tests that need to be sent to an outside lab will now be billed directly by Lab Corp. Please make sure your insurance and contact information is up to date so we have the correct information to forward to them. Any bills you receive from them should be paid directly to Lab Corp. Please contact them with any questions about your bill at 800-676-8033.
  • Valley Medical Care Hospitalist System (for patients)

     Valley Medical Care utilizes a hospitalist system for caring for patients who are hospitalized at Bartlett Regional Hospital. There will only be one physician available at the hospital at any given time, so if you are hospitalized, you may be cared for by a doctor who is not your primary provider. This system is widely used in the rest of the country. There are many benefits to this system for all of us. Doctors won't be called away from the clinic to attend to hospital emergencies nearly as often, making us more available during clinic hours. This should reduce the times that you are asked to reschedule appointments and should improve our efficiency in the office.
    We strive to offer the best care that we can to our patients and at this time, feel that this change is necessary to continue to do so.
    We thank you for allowing us to participate in your health care.
  • Doula Program

    Valley Medical Care is excited to work with the Juneau Community Doula Network to promote doula care for our expecting families. Doulas are trained professionals who provide physical, emotional and informational support to expectant parents, during the pregnancy, birth and postpartum period. Doulas work directly with families to establish a supportive connection that research shows improves birth experiences for families and may shorten labors and reduce complications.
    In an effort to promote doula care for our Valley Medical Care families, we have established a scholarship program to provide financial support to families who cannot afford independent doula care on their own. So far we have assisted 16 families. You can find more information on Doula care online at www.dona.org or www.juneaudoulas.org. For information on the Valley Medical Care doula scholarship, please contact Rachel Gladhart, CNM at 586-2434 or ask about it at your prenatal appointment.
    Click here Valley Medical Forms for the Doula Guidelines and Doula Contract.
  • Allowing Your Provider to Speak to Family Members

    According to federal HIPAA regulations, we cannot discuss your medical information with others without your permission. To make it easier for you and your provider to allow this communication, we have a form you can fill out indicating who we may speak to or indicating who you do not wish us to speak to about your medical care. This form does not allow for your records to be released to these individuals. You would still need to sign a records release form indicating what records you want and who they are to go to. The form for communication (Privacy Protection) and the Release of Information form to obtain medical records are available to download from our website.